San Juan Brewfest

San Juan Brewfest

Let's go to San Juan Brewfest!


The San Juan Brewfest is GREENER than ever this year. Here are our sustainability efforts and how you can help!

We drink from a reusable tasting glass, not plastic cups, and have done so for a decade.

Recycle bins are placed throughout the venue, and attendees are encouraged to recycle.

Breweries serving from cans or bottles agree to recycle 100% of what they bring to the event.

Attendees are allowed to bring in an empty water bottle, and a water station is available to refill those bottles all day long. The water station is sponsored by Well on Wheels.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own utensils to eat with. BYOF – bring your own fork!

Food vendors are strongly encouraged to offer low or no waste ways to serve their food.

Instead of using paper to vote for the People’s Choice Award, we have used a text to vote system for many years.

All City of Durango public transit is FREE both days of the Brewfest! Take the bus for safety and environmental reasons

The Brewfest includes in its policies Visit Durango’s Care for Durango pledge.