San Juan Brewfest

San Juan Brewfest

San Juan Brewfest

Let's go to San Juan Brewfest!


Here are ALL the beers and ciders that are available for tasting at the 2019 Brewfest! 146 beers in total!!!

2019 San Juan Brewfest Brewery & Beer List

AC Golden

Westslope IPA

HOPS:Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, Nugget, CTZ, Mt. Hood
MALTS:Moravian Two-Row Pale, Caramel, Munich

ABV 5.5%   IBUs 52

Colorado Native Olathe

German style lager

Whether it is fruits, vegetables, grains, or hops, the fertile ground from Fruita to Palisade down to Montrose and from Paonia to Delta produces world-class agriculture. To celebrate the harvest season, we brew this lager as a tip of the hat to those Colorado farmers who work the ground to feed us all. To provide the backbone for this German-style lager, we mashed in Charles two-row winter barley, Moravian two-row barley and world-renowned Olathe corn. We added Crystal and Nugget hops, grown in Olathe, within a mile of the barley and corn. The resulting taste has a rich, malty honey character with clean bitterness.

ABV 5.6%   IBUs 25

Animas Brewing Company

The River Gose Through It

A German-Style ale brewed with Coriander and Salt. This unfiltered beer is made with wheat and pilsner malts along with flaked oats. Its slightly tart flavor is complimented by noted of coriander. The salt addition is present but below the threshold which you can actually taste it. The name Gose comes from Golslar Germany which received its name from the river Gose that runs through it.

5.2% ABV 12 IBUs

Class VI IPA

As a tribute to being the sixth brewery in Durango, we use six varieties of hops in our version of an American-Style IPA. We use 2-Row and crystal malts to create a nice malt body. Citrus, pine, and floral notes come from hop additions in the kettle. We follow up with a heavy dose of dry hops, thus creating a well-balanced and extremely drinkable IPA.

6.9% ABV 12 IBUs

Atrevida Beer Co.

Drunk’n Churro

A Witbier balanced with cinnamon, spices and agave. 6.2% ABV 18 IBUs

Aztec Godiva

Belgian style Saison
A Saison balanced with maguey sap and lychee. 7.1% ABV 18 IBUs

El Dorado

A thirst quenching Kolsch with lemongrass and lime. 5.5% ABV 29 IBUs


Pale Ale
A hop forward Pale Ale fruited with Clementine Oranges. 6.8% ABV 65 IBUs

Avery Brewing Company

White Rascal

Belgian Wit Style with citrus and coriander. 5.6% ABV 20 IBUs

Hazyish IPA

Hazy style IPA with citrus notes and wheat and oats added. 7% ABV 20 IBUs

Rocky Mtn Rosè

White Grape grain hybrid. Blush pink in color. 4.5% ABV 5 IBUs

The Kaiser

Imperial Oktoberfest 10% ABV 25 IBUs

Ballast Point Brewing Company

Sculpin IPA

Our Sculpin IPA is a great example of what got us into brewing in the first place. After years of experimenting, we knew hopping an ale at five separate stages would produce something special. The result ended up being this gold-medal winning IPA, whose inspired use of hops creates hints of apricot, peach, mango and lemon flavors, but still packs a bit of a sting, just like a Sculpin fish.

7% ABV   70 IBUs

Victory at Sea Porter

A bold, smooth brew with just the right amount of sweetness. We infused this robust porter with vanilla and San Diego’s own Caffe Calabria coffee beans. The subtle roasted notes and minimal acidity of the cold brewed coffee, balances perfectly with the sweet caramel undertones of the malt, creating a winning combination for your palate.

10% ABV   60 IBUs

Bell’s Brewery


Lampshade Party Ale™ is a limited release that celebrates a night best partially remembered. This Double IPA is dry-hopped with Australia’s Galaxy and the Pacific Northwest’s new-school IPA hop, Idaho 7. The hop character jumps out at you with juicy aromas of fruit punch, red berry and pineapple. Bitterness is there, but balanced with a nice malt character.

9% ABV

Flamingo Fruit Fight

The name “Larry’s Latest” is a nod to the spirit of innovation and experimentation that Larry started in 1985 and continues within the brewery to this day. Our latest Tart Fruit Ale is brewed with passionfruit and lime zest, resulting in a tart blend of tropical, citrus flavors and aromas.

5% ABV

Big B’s Hard Cider

Harvest Apple Cider

Created by using a perfect blend of fresh pressed apples.  This is a semi-sweet hard cider and has a bold and refreshing apple taste.

Lazy Daze Lemon Cider

Made by combining our Orchard Original with Big B’s Orchard Recipe Lemonade.  It’s a perfect marriage between dry cider, sweet and tart lemonade. Ultra-refreshing and amazingly crisp!

Breckenridge Brewery

Strawberry Sky

Kolsch style ale with sweet strawberry notes set behind Huell Melon hops to create shining complexity that bursts with fresh fruit flavors of strawberry, and honeydew.
4.8% ABV 23 IBUs

Hop Peak IPA

India Pale Ale
Simcoe and Citra dry hops form a pinnacle of lush citrus and pine aromas in this modern interpretation of the classic India Pale Ale.
6.5% ABV 23 IBUs

Bosque Brewing Co.

Bosque Lager

Inspired by German Pilsners, Bosque Lager quenches thirsty palates without sacrificing depth and character. Where this straw-colored, crisp, and brilliant lager deviates from tradition is in a noble hop dry-hop for a bright and floral aroma.
4.8% ABV 25 IBUs

Elephants On Parade

Enough with the fruit nuance, put it out in front! Packed with raspberry and tart cherry puree and colored with a Sandia sunset, this unfiltered, American-style wheat ale is imbued with a light sweetness and tartness that complements the beer’s medium-full body.
5.5% ABV 25 IBUs

Scotia Scotch Ale

Scotia’s bold flavors and intrepid presence have become a thing of legend. With a deep amber hue and luscious viscos
8.4% ABV 25 IBUs

Open Space Haze

Haze is all the rage in the craft beer industry, and we have a New England-style IPA that stands out above the rest. Ripe fruit aromatics start the Open Space Haze experience then hits your palate with soft tropical notes and citrus rind. It finishes with
6.2% ABV 70 IBUs

Bottom Shelf Brewery

Wings Of Silence

Golden Ale – Drinks like an American Lager but much stronger 6.4% ABV 18 IBUs

Bear Necessity

Blackberry Wheat – Light easy drinking summer wheat with just a hint of Blackberry Puree 5% ABV 18 IBUs

Boatmans Breakfast

Oatmeal Stout- Nice creamy oatmeal stout with subtle coffee and chocolate tones. 5% ABV 35 IBUs

Shark Wheat

Blood Orange Wheat – A collaboration beer with the Pink Boots Society. The Pink Boots Society is a non- profit organization with international membership which supports women working in the brewing profession, especially in creating craft beer. BSB has several employees who are member and we were proud to do a collaboration brew with them, with 5 hard working women getting hands on experience in the brewing process!

5% ABV 15 IBUs

Boulder Beer Company

Spaceman Double IPA

The stars have aligned for Boulder Beer Company’s newest year-round release. A real vortex of bold hops and citrusy, fruity notes, the pull of this well-balanced Double IPA is inescapable. All systems go!

9% ABV   85 IBUs

Gimme Sum Radler

Gimme Sum puts the Sum in Summertime! Everyday iss a picnic with a Gimme Sum in hand. Grab a pint for the patio and soak up the sun with this thirst-quenching wheat beer blended with strawberry lemonade. Light body with a low ABV, this sessionable warm weather brew is both sweet and citrusy with a rose gold hue, and will have you saying Gimme Sum more!

3.6% ABV   12 IBUs

Bristol Brewing Company

Laughing Lab

Scottish Ale
Laughing Lab is our most popular brew among beer drinkers and beer judges alike, with nine medals to its name since 1994 at the Great American Beer Festival alone. The Lab has a complex maltiness that comes from a careful blend of specialty malts. Its nutty, roasted flavor is mildly sweet, but not too rich. Smooth and luscious!
5.4% ABV 19 IBUs


Wheat Ale
Definitely sunshine in a glass. Beehive is a joy to drink, with its beautiful honey-gold color and refreshing, full-flavored body. For our version of the classic American Wheat, we use less two-row and more Munich malt for depth, and soften the edges with the lightness of wheat. Local Black Forest honey adds character without sweetness.
4.4% ABV 19 IBUs

Ivywild School

Tropical Pale Ale
Despite the splash of bright tangerine and grapefruit that hits you at first sip, no fruit were harmed in the making of this beer. In fact, our tropical pale ale’s lush aroma and flavor is purely derived from the abundance of fruit-forward hop varieties w
5.2% ABV 45 IBUs

Carver Brewing Co.

Lightner Creek Lager

German Style Light Lager – Award winning light lager brewed with all German ingredients 4.5% ABV 20 IBUs

Raspberry Wheat

Fruited Wheat Beer – American wheat ale with loads of raspberries 5.2% ABV 20 IBUs

Black Bear Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout – Strong stout aged in Durango Craft Sprirts Whiskey barrels 10.5% ABV 51 IBUs

Yankee Boy New England IPA

Hazy or Juicy IPA – Tropical fruit hoppiness and a silky smooth mouthfeel 6.5% ABV 31 IBUs

Chainless Brewing

Conner’s Pilsner

A dedication to a great young man, this Pilsner is a very traditional Vienna style brew. The light caramel and honey notes give a crisp and clean finish, while the smooth mouth feel keeps you sipping all day! 4.8% ABV 22 IBUs

Wall Ride IPA

West Coast IPA
Get your balance right as you commit to this very floral, citrus and grapefruit hop bomb straight from the west coast. With it’s light color and caramel malt tones will take you on a wild ride that might end up off the wall!
6.9% ABV 22 IBUs

Cigar City Brewing

Jai Alai


An intense bouquet of tangerine and candied orange peel entices the nose while flavors of clementines, Valencia orange and subtle caramel provide counterpoint to an assertive bitterness and rich malt character. 

7.5% ABV   70 IBU


Pale Ale

Bright berry, lime leaf and tangerine aromas and flavors imparted by our exclusive use of Citra hops are deftly balanced by an assertive bitterness and moderate breadiness from a simple malt bill. Infinitely quaffable but worthy of careful consideration.

5.5% ABV   50 IBU


Brown Ale

Higher in alcohol than the common English Brown Ale, the beer features flaked oats in the malt bill which imparts a silky body and works to mesh its roasted, toasted and chocolate components together.

5.5% ABV   25 IBU 

Colorado Boy Pizzeria and Brewery

Western Lager

American Light Lager
Crisp and clean with notes of biscuit and citrus. 5.4% ABV 25 IBUs

Irish Red Ale

Rich and malty with a hint of hops. 5.4% ABV 25 IBUs

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Sour Rosé

Wild Ale Fermented in Oak with Raspberries and Blueberries
Primary fermented with our mixed culture of wild yeast, Sour Rosé undergoes fermentation in large oak foeders on raspberries and blueberries. Showcasing the effervescent, champagne-type character, Sour Rosé is the perfect sour beer for all seasons and occasions. Unfiltered and naturally wild, we package each can with a small amount of yeast to maintain maximum freshness for wherever life’s adventures take you.
4.5% ABV

Trellis Buster

Double IPA
Brewed with more hops than we have ever used in a single beer, this resinous trellis-busting hop bomb is bursting with bold character. We’ve tailored the malt profile to deliver a ridiculously smooth and drinkable double IPA; double dry-hopped with Azacca, Citra Motueka, and Simcoe.
8% ABV

Von Pilsner

Keller Pilsner
Combining our brewery’s super soft water, traditional floor malted barley and the finest German hops, this unfiltered keller pilsner is crushable. A Classic European style pilsner, this is what pilsner tastes like pouring fresh from the wooden vats used to make lager beer for centuries.
5% ABV


Golden sour ale aged in oak barrels with peaches
Persica is our Sour golden ale aged in oak with Colorado Palisade peaches. We meticulously select batches to undergo additional time in oak and a secondary fermentation with quality whole fruit. Through embracing variation within our brewing seasons, each limited release is an expression of the terroir from which our fruit is sourced and the skilled stewardship of the farmers we work with. Persica pours a golden hue delivering vibrant floral peach aromas.
6.0% ABV

Dolores River Brewery

Noble Pils

Northern European style Pilsner Lager
Light golden in color, soft biscuity malt body with a pleasingly clean elegant noble finish 4.6% ABV 16 IBUs

Red Beard

Traditional Irish red ale
Ruby red color, complex caramel and subtle roast malt character and a very clean dry finish 5.4% ABV 16 IBUs

Dry Dock Brewing Company

Apricot Blonde

Fruit Beer – A misty golden blonde ale fermented with shiploads of fruit. A crisp, clean finish and just enough apricot to make this a favorite. Combine with sunshine and friends for full effect
5.1% ABV 17 IBUs

Hazy IPA

A hazy IPA with aromas of big passion fruit, pineapple, and fresh squeezed OJ. We brewed with special hopping techniques to keep bitterness low and fermented with Kveik, a traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast to compliment the tropical aromas and flavors of the hops.
6.3% ABV 17 IBUs


Marzen – Our classic annual Märzen features elegantly rich, toasty German malt flavors, a modest hop bitterness, and a creamy mouthfeel all giving way to a crisp, dry finish.
5.6% ABV 22 IBUs

Eddyline Brewery

Crank Yanker

Tropical well balanced IPA . 7% ABV

Summer in the Citra

Double dry hopped East Coast style IPA. 6.4% ABV

Kickin Back Amber

Easy drinking Amber ale. 5% ABV

Blackberry Kettle Sour

Kettle Sour packed with Blackberries. Super refreshing, but not insanely sour. 4.5% ABV

Elevation Beer Co.

Raspberry Gulch Imperial Saison

RASPBERRY GULCHTM is a fruited imperial saison brewed with traditional Belgian yeast and nearly 18 pounds of raspberries per barrel.Hay, spice and raspberry notes make this beer the perfect toast to the start of your spring adventures!
7.5% ABV 25 IBUs

Mosiac IPA

Aromas of mango, lemon, and blueberry. Pretty juicy bro 6.5% ABV 25 IBUs

Elevation Pilsner

Elevation Pilsner pours light gold, with aromas of honeysuckle and German noble hops. Moderately dry and slightly bitter, this beer has all of the traits you have come to expect from a celebratory lager. It is fermented cold, in America, near mountains, using difficult procedures, and you know it is ready to drink when it is in your hand.

5% ABV 40 IBUs

Apis IV

Honey Ale Quadruple
This limited release is a red wine barrel aged version of our award-winning honey quadruple. This beer pours brilliant deep garnet with tan head. Aroma notes of ruby port, oak, fig and honey. Slightly dry and vinous, with Belgian candi syrup, sherry, vanilla, and cherry cola notes.
10% ABV 41 IBUs

Fenceline Cider

Catkin Hopped

Dry hopped, dry cider
We started with a cider made from local Montezuma and La Plata County apples that we dry hopped with a blend of Hull Melon and Hallertau Blanc hops.
6.5% ABV


Wild fermented cider
Crafted with wild native yeast, this cider is a marriage of Dolgo Crabapples and cellar-conditioned late- season fruit. Thunderbolt is aged in French oak casks to mature to its full potential.
6.9% ABV

Founders Brewing Company

Green Zebra

Delightfully tart and slightly sweet, this ale is our refreshing take on an easy-drinking fruit beer. Watermelon is the highlight of this lightly-hopped treat and gives it a hint of satisfying juiciness to balance the tang and bite we love in a gose style. The soft mouthfeel and dry finish come courtesy of the addition of sea salt. Pairs well with warm days and never-ending sunshine.

4.6% ABV   10 IBU

Mas Agave

We love cocktails. Like, really love them. If you ask us, few are more refreshing than the tart and tangy margarita and our latest barrel-aged beer pays tribute to that perennial classic. We took an imperial gose brewed with agave, lime and sea salt and then aged it in tequila barrels for just the right amount of kick. Consider it a party in a bottle. Más Agave!

10% ABV   20 IBUs

Full Sail Brewing Co.

Full Sail Amber

Amber Ale
Malty, medium-bodied ale with a spicy, floral hop finish. Over the years our flagship Amber has earned many awards and accolades including over 25 gold medals.
6% ABV 31 IBUs

Full Sail Blood Orange Wheat

Wheat Ale
A refreshing wheat beer with a twist of citrus. Medium malt body with subtle blood orange flavor and a crisp wheat finish.
5.2% ABV 31 IBUs

Sesión Cerveza

Mexican Lager
A light crisp, and totally refreshing beer. Or as we like to say, es la cerveza loca Buena. 4.5% ABV

Session Light Lager

Light Lager
A Northwest take on a classic American Lager, brewed with mountain spring water, malted barley, and Glacier and Sterling hops. Pours bright, has a mellow, malty flavor, and finishes crisp and clean. 100 calorie beer with only 6 carbs!
3.6% ABV

KYLA Hard Kombucha

Ginger Tangerine

Hard Kombucha
A refreshing ginger flavor with the sweet-tart tang of tangerine 4.5% ABV

Pink Grapefruit

Hard Kombucha
A crisp burst of tangy grapefruit with a dash of sweet blood orange 4.5% ABV

Hibiscus Lime

Hard Kombucha
A brilliant red brew with hibiscus flowers and a tart twist of lime 4.5% ABV

La Cumbre Brewing Co.

Elevated IPA

India Pale Ale
This IPA bursts with tangerine and candied orange scents. Sweet bready malts. Gentle bitterness kicks in mid-sip for a smooth, easy finish.
7.2% ABV 100 IBUs

A Slice of Hefen

Bavarian Style Hefeweizen
A traditional take on the Bavarian classic. The aroma is clove banana and vanilla. The body is rich, yet finishes fairly dry.
5.4% ABV 100 IBUs


International Style Lager
Looks like beer… Smells like beer… Tastes like beer… it’s BEER. Light in body but substantial enough in flavor to let you know that yes… You are drinking beer.
4.7% ABV 23 IBUs

Malpais Stout

Foreign Extra Stout
A meal in a glass. Brewed with 7 different malts, you should be ready for a full onslaught of creamy stout intensity.
7.5% ABV 60 IBUs

Sun Fade Hazy IPA

Lush with bright fruit from the interplay of our house yeast and irresponsible levels of dry-hopping. 7.2% ABV

Left Hand Brewing Co.

Flamingo Dreams Nitro

Berry Blonde Ale
Super smooth & refreshing subtle zing from raspberry and black currant notes with a striking pink color. 4.7% ABV 11 IBUs

Wheels Goes ‘Round

Crisp Lemon Raspberry Gose 4.4% ABV 11 IBUs

Travelin’ Light

Golden Ale
Golden, crisp, dry and refreshing with herbal hops. 4.8% ABV 22 IBUs

Milk Stout Nitro

Milk Stout
Super smooth with soft roastiness and mocha flavors. 6% ABV 25 IBUs

Main Street Brewery

Blue Corn John

A traditional Mexican (vienna) lager brewed with blue corn for slight sweetness. 5.5% ABV


Scotish Ale
An amber ale brewed with local honey. 5% ABV

Mancos Brewing Company

Slap Happy Summer Session

An American light IPA

5.25% ABV   50 IBUs,

Blonde Stout

An alternative style with roast, hazelnut and vanilla flavors

5.5% ABV   40 IBUs

Pagan Porter

American porter with light chocolate notes and very clean finish

5% ABV   35 IBUs

Marble Brewery

Double White

A delicate, dry, pale & hazy Belgian–inspired wheat ale accented with traditional spices. 7% ABV IBUs

Double White Triple Berry

Blueberry, Raspberry and Boysenberry infused Wheat Ale 7% ABV IBUs

Desert Fog

A juicy, hazy Southwestern style IPA. 6.8% ABV IBUs


Our Marbleously crushable take on a Mexican style lager is crisp, refreshing, and ready to accompany anything from hiking La Luz Trail to ceviche with friends, or simply soaking up some rays.
4.5% ABV IBUs

Melvin Brewing

Heyzeus Mexican Lager

Crisp and crushable Mexican style lager made with flaked corn. Salud! 5.% ABV 20 IBUs

Thaiger Style IPA

Brewed with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops. Everything you want from a West Coast IPA but light enough to have several in the hot weather.
5.4% ABV 20 IBUs

2×4 Double IPA

Not for the faint of heart, but smoother than you might think. This double IPA has won gold at Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup.
10% ABV 100 IBUs

Moab Brewery

Moab Especial

This classic American ale is golden in color and delicately hopped for a refreshingly dry finish. The perfect choice when you just want “a nice cold beer.”
4% ABV 20 IBUs

Johnny B’s IPA

An American-style IPA, golden in color with light malt hues and strong hop characteristics. Its vibrant citrus aromas and bitterness are created by four bold American hops. Our dry hopping gives this beer that distinctive and aggressive hop finish.
7% ABV 20 IBUs

New Belgium Brewing Company

Mtn Time Lager

Crisp and clean as snowmelt in spring, Mountain Time Premium Lager is brewed with only the finest ingredients by the employee-owners at New Belgium Brewing. This refreshing lager will take you to another time & place. Live life on Mountain Time.

ABV 4.4%

Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza

Produced in partnership with Primus Cerveceria, a leading Mexican craft brewery based in Mexico City, founded by three cousins, Rodolfo, Jaime, and Rebeca. Mural is our joint homage to the classic agua fresca that also pushes the boundaries of what a beer can be. In Mexico, the agua fresca is everywhere.  They’re usually found in street food markets and feature a blend of seasonal fruits. Our cerveza takes inspiration from agua frescas and features hibiscus, agave, watermelon, and lime for a fresh, vibrant sip.  

4% ABV

Odell Brewing Company

Sippin Pretty

Fruited sour ale 4.5% ABV

Cloud Catcher

Milk shake IPA 7% ABV

Colorado Lager

American style lager 5% ABV

Oskar Blues


Pale Ale

Brewed with hefty amounts of European malts and four kinds of American hops, it delivers a blast of hop aromas, a rich middle of malt and hops, and a thrilling finish.

6.5% ABV   65 IBU

Can O Bliss


A hazed-out and hopped-up IPA brewed with Strata, Cashmere, Enigma, Hallertau Blanc and Eureka hops and packed with flavors of stone fruit, melon and peach. 

7.2% ABV   70ish IBU

Mama’s Little Yella Pils


Mama’s is built on pilsner and honey malt, then hopped with Saaz and Aramis hops. While it’s rich with flavor, it’s a luxurious refresher.

4.7% ABV   33 IBU

Old Chub

Scotch Ale

This jaw-dropping Scottish strong ale is brewed with bodacious amounts of malted barley and specialty grains, and a dash of beechwood-smoked malt.

8.0% ABV   30 IBU

Pagosa Brewing & Grill

Peachy Peach Wheat Beer

“IT’S PEACHY HERE!” Wonderful balance of peaches and beer in both aroma & flavor. Get a sample early before the keg kicks!
5.4% ABV

Chili Verde Cerveza

“SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!” Bright chili aroma & taste, and not too hot. Story: Originally brewed to give Julie Simmons a local “Chili Beer Fix” and celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
5.1% ABV

Palisade Brewing Co.

Dirty Hippie Dark Wheat

Misty Mountain Haze New England IPA

Liquid Apricot Berliner Weiss

Paonia United Brewing Co.

Barley Pop

Golden Ale
A well-rounded balance of honey malt sweetness and mild hop bitterness 5.3% ABV 22 IBUs


Subdued roasted character with velvety smoothness 5.5% ABV 22 IBUs


American IPA
Highlighting 4 Paonia-grown hops with a balanced malt profile 6.3% ABV 72 IBUs


Light and bready lager with low bitterness and a malty, flavorful finish 5.6% ABV 25 IBUs

Red Mountain Brewery

Everybody’s Ale

American Cream Ale
Light and crisp easy drinking golden ale 5% ABV 15 IBUs

1876 Centennial Pale Ale

American Pale Ale
Hoppy and balanced 100% Centennial Hop Ale 5.3% ABV 15 IBUs

Reactionary IPA

American IPA
Modern American hop bomb 4.8 lbs/barrel 7.1% ABV 100+ IBUs

Riff Raff Brewing Company

Stepchild American Red 

American Red Ale

Dry Hopped & Roasty

6.2% ABV   37 IBU’s

El Duende Green Chile 

APA – Fruit/Chile Beer

Light ale brewed with mild roasted Anaheims 

5.2% ABV   30 IBU’s

Dank Spruce IPA

American IPA

Medium bodied IPA made with locally harvest spruce tips

6.5% ABV   55 IBU’s 

Santa Fe Brewing Company


A dry, west coast-ish IPA with notes of grapefruit,citrus and tropical notes. 7% ABV 70 IBUs.


Classic German lager with Munich hops compounded with Bavarian hops giving this beer a clean finish. 6% ABV 70 IBUs

Social Hour

Hazy wit styled ale with hints of pineapple, pink guava, coriander and mint 7% ABV 15 IBUs

Mexican Lager

Clean, crisp,easy drinking mexican lager. “Crushable” 4.8% ABV 15 IBUs

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Hazy Little Thing IPA

Some beers need a little polishing before entering the world, while others—the hop-heavy, rowdy crowd-pleasers—should just be left alone. We package Hazy Little Thing in all its raw glory: unfiltered, unprocessed, straight from the tanks and into the can. It’s a swirling cloud that likes to shake things up, a fruit-forward hop adventure for the daring. Go bold and make tonight a hazy one.

6.7% ABV   35 IBUs


It started as a napkin sketch in a pub, an idea for a device that could boost hop aroma without adding more bitterness. We built the sketch, and the “Hop Torpedo” revolutionized dry hopping and inspired Torpedo Extra IPA. It’s an aggressive yet balanced beer featuring the complex citrus, pine, and herbal character of whole-cone hops.

7.2% ABV   65 IBUs

Ska Brewing


German Style Lager
Malty Lager with an amber-brown color imparted by nutty, toasty Munich and Vienna malts 6.1% ABV 22 IBUs

August IPA

East Coast IPA
Its August! Perfect time for a smooth, fruity IPA. 6% ABV 22 IBUs

Small Town Brewing

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Herb and spiced beer
Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a category-defining craft specialty ale brewed with unique spices. Brewer Tim Kovac’s creativity and painstaking commitment to flavor complexity results in an unmistakable offering that masterfully blends hints of sarsaparilla, wintergreen, anise, and vanilla. A smooth and balanced Ale, NYFRB has broad appeal – from discerning craft beer drinkers to non-beer drinkers.
5.9% ABV

Not Your Father’s Lemonade

Fruit and field beer
A pleasant hard lemonade with slight fizz 5% ABV

Steamworks Brewing Co.

Colorado Kolsch

German-style Kolsch Ale
Current Gold Medal holder from the 2018 GABF! 4.8% ABV 16 IBUs

Night Train

Black Lager
Current Gold Medal holder from the 2018 World Beer Cup! 5.2% ABV 16 IBUs

Slam Dunkel

Unfiltered German-Style Dark Wheat Ale Multiple medal winner at GABF
6.7% ABV 15 IBUs

Talbott’s Cider Company

Scrappy Apple

Dry Cider
Similar to a dry champagne 6% ABV

Alpine Start

Semi-Sweet Cider
Our take on a traditional English pub cider 5.5% ABV

Summer Sunset

Peach Cider
Cider back-sweetened with peach juice 6% ABV


Citrus Cider
Cider with orange juice and lime juice, our cider mimosa 5.5% ABV

Telluride Brewing Company

Russell Kelly Pale Ale

6.7% ABV 83 IBUs


4.5% ABV 83 IBUs

Telluride Mountain Beer

5.2% ABV 20 IBUs

Three Barrel Brewing

Trashy Blonde

Blonde Ale
Pale straw color with white bread aroma and a nice foamy head. 4.9% ABV 18 IBUs

Bad Phil

Pale Ale
Copper color with lively, herbal, citrus and bitter hop overtones. 6.6% ABV 18 IBUs

Hop Trash

India Pale Ale
Copper color with complex hop flavor and semi-fruity character. 6 high-acid hops. 7.5% ABV 85 IBUs

Burnt Toast

Brown Ale
Dark brown roast color with caramel and nutty malt flavors. 5.6% ABV 21 IBUs

Thurday Special

Coconut Brown Lager
Medium brown color with hints of toasted coconut and nutty aroma. 4.9% ABV 17 IBUs

WildEdge Brewing Collective

Southern Star

IPA with Nelson Sauvin hops 5.7% ABV 50 IBUs


Kettle Sour with Boysenberries 4.3% ABV 50 IBUs