San Juan Brewfest

San Juan Brewfest

Let's go to San Juan Brewfest!

2022 BANDS

2022 Live Music Line Up Brought To You By Animas City Theatre!


Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts

Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts bring forth new energy to music fans who love the heroes and outlaws of old. Influenced by the songs and personalities of legends like Waylon and Willie, they drive their sound with blazing guitars and a rock n’ roll attitude. The band pays respect to classic styles, but anyone can tell from their overdriven sound that they’re far from traditionalists. Recommended for lovers of both classic country and 70’s rock n roll.


The Crags

The Southwest desert is the muse for many of the songs that Tracy Ford writes for the band.  This four piece Durango, CO group has established a sound that is energetic yet dreamy.  They combine elements of rock, surf, and psych to create a truly unique sound.  They are diverse in their delivery, but maintain a signature style that showcases Tracy’s creative songwriting, Tim’s incredible guitar skills, John’s in the pocket drumming, and Dan’s killer bass and positive vibes.

Click HERE for The Crags new album Watch for the Sun!


Warsaw Poland Bros.

Warsaw Poland Bros. have played everywhere, with everyone in most of North America and Hawaii, while releasing several nationally distributed cd’s fueled by their own indie start up label, Invisible Mass Records. Warsaw’s dedication to a hobby-job-lifestyle has been, and will continue to be the driving force to perform live, coast to coast, towns to cities, day after night, mixing and releasing albums along the way. With over 300 shows a year, multiple gigs a day and merely days off in between, they are true road dogs, not an understatement, as Warsaw has been voted one of Jam Base’s top 10 touring bands. The ever-changing cast of characters that travel with the group lends the band to effortlessly moving through a wide range of styles. Warsaw is the ultimate definition of the DIY attitude, taking everything in-house from booking to engineering and producing their music. The Brothers and their work-horse musicians have collaborated with people all over the world and recording in every setting imaginable, from a backstage green room to Warsaw 1 (Warsaw’s van). With a dedicated street team, fan base, and unmatchable live show and talent pool, Warsaw is a testament to an incredible DIY lifestyle. When Warsaw comes to town, you’ll be dancing, drinking, and partying with a zeal you never knew you had, so you might as well call in sick, because they’ll be coming around soon…

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