The San Juan Brewfest is a 21 and over event.


For all who pre-purchased a San Juan Brewfest ticket, here are your procedures for checking in.

After you purchased your ticket, you were sent an email that has an attachment to it, and a link in the email. The attachment or the link is your actual ticket. Print that ticket out, give it to whomever it goes to, and bring to the event along with your valid ID. Must be 21, no kids allowed! And you must have valid ID, no exceptions. No pets either, leave the dog at home.

You can also bring the email with you on your phone, and open the attachment or the link to show your ticket at the gate.

Either works, and both allow us to scan your ticket to get you into the event.

VIP’s get in at noon, Upgraded General Admission tickets at 12:30, and General Admission tickets at 1 pm. Gate is at 12th and Main.

There will be a LONG line by 1 pm. To avoid the line, here is an option:

Come to early check in at the gate from 10 am to noon. Bring your printed ticket or on your phone, and your valid ID, and you’ll get your wristband early. Come back at your entry time and go to the RE-ENTRY line, which will be way faster!

If you can’t do early check in, be prepared to wait a bit. We will get you in as fast as possible.

If you can’t find your email, no worries. You can check in without your ticket, but the ID you present must match the name of the person who purchased the tickets, or who they were purchased for. You can also request to have your tickets re-sent up to the day before the event at 9 pm by emailing to

VIP’s are invited to a party on Friday August 24, the day before the Brewfest, from 6 to 8 pm, at a location to be determined. Use the same check in procedures above … bring your printed ticket, or on your phone, and your ID. The next day you will already have your wristband on, so at noon or any time after you can go in through the RE-ENTRY line.

Again, NO KIDS or anyone under 21 is allowed inside the event area. And no pets either. If you show up with kids or your dog, you will be turned away.

You can bring in a backpack, purse or bag with sunscreen, jacket, water bottle and personal items. No alcohol – we will have plenty for you. Smoking is not allowed in Buckley Park, but you can smoke out on Main Avenue. Please be courteous to others around you, and toss your butt in the trash can please.

See you at the Brewfest!